(CBS) — An Evanston apartment building is uninhabitable – for now anyway – after it was struck by lightning late this morning.

It was the chimney of the three-story apartment building that was hit by lightning – and we asked Evanston Fire Division Chief Dwight Hohl if it was accurate that several bricks were knocked to the ground.

“It was more than several. It seems like half the chimney came down and landed on the porch.

“There were two exterior porch structures in the rear of the building, and when the chimney came down, it came down on those. So there was quite a bit of structural damage back there.”

Chief Hohl says all nine units in the apartment building in the 600 block of Sheridan have been evacuated – and won’t be livable for at least a day or so.

He says no one was injured – but the lightning strike was so loud, firefighters at the station a mile away heard it clearly.

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