By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Just when all of this indignation over Donald Trump’s big sign appeared to be simmering down, enter Jon Stewart.

The “Daily Show” star, who once blasted Chicago pizza as “like sex with a corpse made of sand paper,” weighed in on the “Signfeud”–basically telling Chicago: How could you be so naive?

“I gotta say Chicago,” Stewart said. “Did you not think Donald Trump was gonna put his name on the building you let him build?” It’s what he does! Have you been to New York?”

Rahm Emanuel and Tribune architect critic Blair Kamin have both blasted the sign–each letter is 20 feet tall and light up at night–as “tasteless” and a “wart” on the otherwise architecturally stunning tower.

It is amazing to Stewart that Trump actually takes time away from his billion dollar empire to personally attack Kamin (in a tweet, Trump called him a “dopey critic”) and go on a PR rampage to defend the sign.

“Is there no slight small enough for you to just (expletive) let it go?” he asked.

Between Emanuel and Trump, Stewart admitted it was hard to pick a side in this battle.

“It’s a badger fighting a mongoose, I just don’t know who to cheer for,” he said.

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