(CBS) – Snobs. You probably know a few. But a new survey about the 10 snobbiest mid-sized cities in the U.S. might surprise you.

Naperville — famous for its down-to-earth charm — showed up in fourth place.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports.

Naperville residents have a lot to be snobbish about if they choose. It’s pretty, with hundreds of magnificent homes on tree-lined streets; and the education and income levels are high.

“I’m here probably because I’m a snob,” Dekole Branch says. “It means we’re better than everyone else and we know it. And so we pay to be amongst those who are better than everyone else.”

A Movoto website blog recommends you bring a fat wallet to Morton’s The Steakhouse and says of the country clubs, it’s where wealthy folks go “probably to sample wine and discuss recent stock market trends.”

But many folks protest being lumped into the lifted-pinky set.

“I just think that they haven’t done their homework,” says resident Kathy Abboud. “They haven’t basically been in this neighborly community.”


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