(CBS) — Senator Dick Durbin was on the Southwest Side Monday morning to push for what he calls the Patriot Employer Tax Credit, reports WBMM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Senator Durbin came to the Wheatland Tube Company to say he is introducing a tax credit to companies that invest in American workers.

“It is about rewarding companies like Wheatland Tube that keep jobs here in the United States, making certain that they pay their employees a fair living wage, making certain that they have access to good health insurance, a good retirement, making certain as well that they are focused on keeping jobs in this country,” said Durbin.

Durbin wants to pay for this credit by reducing the existing tax breaks to companies that send jobs overseas.

“I think when we put the whole tax code on the table and we make it a simple choice, do you want to help companies shipping jobs overseas or companies that keep jobs in America? I think that we are going to get bipartisan support for American jobs,” said Durbin.