(CBS) –– The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a Massachusetts law that created a buffer zone around abortion clinics, and it is expected to have an impact on so-called “sidewalk counselors” in Chicago.

To anti-abortion activists, it is important work, what the sidewalk counselors do. Anne Scheidler, with the Pro-Life Action league, says they let women know that there are other options and there is support.

“We know that many times women are grateful,” she says. “They come back and tell us, ‘I’m so grateful that you were there, because now I have a three-year-old or a sixteen-year-old,’ or a person in their life that wouldn’t have been there if it were not for the intervention of a sidewalk counselor.”

Those on the other side of the issue see the work of sidewalk counselors as harassment and intimidation.

Planned Parenthood says the high court ruling shows disregard for women.

Scheidler says the ruling opens the door to go after Chicago’s ordinance, which creates an 8-foot bubble zone around people within 50 feet of a clinic entrance.

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