(CBS) — A teenager is back on the ground after a rescue Friday night in Northfield.

An 18-year-old boy climbed up a cell phone tower right behind the fire department along Winnetka Road. Neighbors actually knocked on the door of the station to alert firefighters.

Rescuers used a ladder truck and basket to reach the teen then strapped him into a harness and lowered
him to safety. Firefighters say 110 feet up, the rescue was a little tricky.

They surrounded him, kind of secured him and they actually had to bring him down. What we actually did was they lowered him into a scuttle on top there into our tower ladder basket where then we could bring him down to the ground,” said Assistant Northfield Fire Chief Tom Burke.

The teen was not hurt, but was taken to Highland Park Hospital as a precaution. Police are now investigating whether to file criminal charges.