By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — “Breezing” next to train tracks apparently is a potent draw for some young kids, which is why the police chief of Maple Park held a safety class Wednesday.

Breezing is when you stand near an oncoming train to feel its power. 14-year-old Parker Wolfsmith was killed by a freight train in late May. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports the community is coming together to make sure no more children are killed.

Parker Wolfsmith died just three days before his eighth grade graduation because of what’s called breezing.

“The youth getting too close to feel the power of the train and the wind as it goes by um,” said Maple Park Police Chief Mike Acosta.

Parker got too close and was killed by the cow pusher.

The chief was worried, how many would come to his calling of a meeting, but the room was filled.

“Kids are dying too young,” said mother Maggie Leavey. “Kids are taking life serious enough and they think goofing around is playing around but tragedy an really happen.

She brought her three kids.

“I don’t want to see it happen to anyone else in this town, I don’t want to see it happen to anyone else, anywhere,” said James Toms.

The chief said his goal was to help one kid and there were many more than that Wednesday night.

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