CHICAGO (CBS) — Thousands of people are sampled the food on the opening day of this year’s Taste of Chicago.

CBS 2’s Ed Curran reports they have been serving up Tastes of Chicago for 34 years now and the classics like Robinson’s Ribs and Eli’s Cheesecake.

“31 years and I’m excited about it. I think Taste is good, it is good for the business,” said Charlie Robinson, owner of Robinson’s Ribs. “The Taste has been good to me and I have been good to it.”

He says the Taste he says is a draw.

“It’s a great thing for the city and a great thing for the Chicago metropolitan area as well,” said Robinson.

His sales over five days aren’t too shabby.

“At one time, we’ve done 300,000 in 10 days and we’ve gone over 200,000 in five days,” said Robinson.

He feels grateful and he feels safe at this fest.

“I feel very safe here and I think the customer should feel safe too,” said Robinson.

But there are also a bunch of newcomers to the Taste. The Chicago Dog House has gator and Savoy Restaurant is featuring crab cakes.

“First days been crazy, better than expected, I’m not gonna lie,” said Aaron Wolfson of Chicago’s Dog House.

At Spritz Burger, they are serving a poutine burger that has French fried, cheese curds and gravy.

“It’s been really busy actually, there was a little bit of a lull a couple hours ago but especially the last hour or two it’s been very busy,” said Bob Keen of Spritz Burger.

And the famous turkey legs have made their return, courtesy of Manny’s Deli.