CHICAGO (CBS) — Staff Sgt. Travis Mills lost both arms and both legs in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2012.

A new film “Travis: A Soldier’s Story” documents the tremendous physical and emotional challenges he faces every day.

“They call me a hero, but I am not sure what part of it makes me a hero,” Mills says in the film.

“I just had a normal day at work that turned ugly.”

Mills is one of five quadruple amputees to survive the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mills was a guest on the CBS 2 Morning show and told Kris Gutierrez and Erin Kennedy that he wanted to make the movie because “I’m a pretty open guy and everybody wanted to stare at me anyway, so I figured why not?”

While it was important to make the documentary, he wants people to know that his is “not a sob story.”

“I am a guy who lives life with my wife and my child. … I just had a bad day at work.”

Mills is able to drive “a big truck” with artificial limbs, thanks to the amazing work of doctors at Walter Reed Medical Center.

As Mills went through is long recovery his will to keep pushing forward was sometimes put to the test.

When he arrived at Walter Reed, he was assured by another veteran that it would get better.

After that, he was eager to get started and Mills endured many hours of physical therapy, although he jokes that we spent the first day lying on his stomach, taking a nap.

“I am glad to be standing here today talking to you,” Mills said.

Mills has now started a foundation to build a camp for veterans in Maine.

The camp would allow vets to get out of the house and not feel so secluded, Mills said.

As he travels the country promoting the film he hopes his story inspires others and helps them get through a rough time.

“Let’s just try to push it forward and help everybody out.”

There is a screening of the movie on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. and AMC River East in Streeterville.