(CBS) The Cavaliers will officially sign top overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins this week, ESPN.com reported, a move that could have an impact in the Kevin Love trade talks.

After rookies are signed, they can’t be traded for 30 days, per NBA rules. The Cavaliers and Timberwolves have been discussing a deal that would send All-Star forward Love to Cleveland, but Minnesota has shown little interest in any trade that doesn’t include Wiggins.

The delay in signing Wiggins to date has had little to do with the Love trade talks, ESPN.com reported. Instead, the Cavaliers have been browsing their other options with the limited cap space they have — and it can be advantageous to hold off signing Wiggins because he could sign a contract that’s bigger than the cap hold currently in place on the team books.

The Cavs’ interest in Love heated up after they signed superstar LeBron James. Along with the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland is considered one of the favorites in the East, but many think its roster is still too young to win a title next season, and no one in the organization wants to waste any of James’ prime.