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(CBS) — A truck driver charged in a crash that killed four people Monday on I-55 has been accused by prosecutors of falsifying his log books.

CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reports the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is proposing a new rule that would require all trucks to have electronic logging devices, one way the agency hopes to prevent the kind of horrific accident that happened again Monday.

Federal rules limit truckers from driving more than 11 of the 14 consecutive hours they work. They have to take a ten hour break before driving again.

The goal to prevent accidents caused by fatigue– which may have played a role in an accident Monday that killed four people. Among the charges against truck driver Francisco Espinal Quiroz, is that he falsified his log books.

When State Police pull trucks over for routine safety inspections, they review the drivers hours on the road, typically written in paper log books.

The problem is paper log books can easily be falsified. That is why the feds are proposing a rule that all truckers use electronic logs.

“The electronic logging device is hooked to the engine. It’s actually hooked to the truck. It’s going to eliminate driver error or it’s going to eliminate the availability to falsify a log book,” said State Police Master Sergeant Todd Armstrong.”

Federal officials expect to announce the new rule by next year. Companies will have a chance to equip their trucks and train their drivers on the new devices.

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