(CBS) –– New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Friday said Illinois has one of the most important governor’s races in the nation as he announced the Republican Governors Association is giving the Bruce Rauner campaign $2.5 million.

“I don’t come here empty-handed,” the East Coast Republican said.

He didn’t go away with an empty stomach, either, WBBM’s Kimberly Easton reports.

At a campaign stop at Portillo’s restaurant, Christie ordered a jumbo chili cheese dog and a large vanilla shake.

“I order what I like,” Christie, the RGA chairman, quipped.

Rauner grabbed a jumbo hotdog with everything on it.

Incumbent Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn has criticized Christie and Rauner for opposing gun safety legislation. Rauner said he supports common sense legislation and then attacked Quinn for not keeping a lid on crime.

Christie and Rauner later attended an evening fundraising event at the Hilton, where protesters awaited.