By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — When Ryan Grepper set out to rethink the good, old-fashioned cooler, he figured he would need about $50,000 in seed money to get the project moving.

Portable coolers have been good at what they do for many years–they keep stuff cool. However the design features have essentially remained the same.

Grepper’s idea was to marry old-fashioned cooler technology with 2014 technology.

Oh, did we mention he has now raised more than $7.5 million on Kickstarter?

It seems a lot of people like the idea, too.

The “Coolest” isn’t in production yet, but supporters who fork over $185 will be guaranteed to get their souped-up cooler in February. In Chicago, that’s too late for Bears’ tailgating but in plenty of time for beach season here–or spring break elsewhere.

Here is what one gets with the Coolest:

A chargeable blender that sits on top of the cooler and can mix up margaritas or smoothies. Inside, there is a divider that allows users to store only ice for the blender on one side with room for beverages on the other. The divider also doubles as a cutting board.

Coolest With Blender

A waterproof speaker that can play music via Bluetooth.

A USB charging station.

Storage for a few plates and utensils.

Coolest Storage

A bottle opener. (Can’t forget that old-school technology).

Want to check out the Coolest before it goes into production?

Simply donate $2,000 or more and Grepper will personally play bartender with the only Coolest prototype in the world.

Eight people, so far, have taken him up on the offer.

Grepper designed the descendent to the Coolest about 10 years go and has refined it ever since.

“I’m always looking to maximize my fun when I get together with my family and friends. That’s why I am so passionate about the Coolest. I invent lots of things, but other than my Jello-shot catapult very few have brought so much fun to my life.”