UPDATE: 10:10 p.m.

(CBS) –The village of East Dundee held a special meeting Tuesday night that aimed to quell residents’ concerns about a recent murder and an uptick in petty crimes.

Police haven’t made an arrest in the stabbing death of an 85-year-old woman in her home two weeks ago but the chief says there is no danger to the community.

Chief Terry Mee tells WBBM the investigation has been non-stop since police found Dodie Darrington dead in her home on July 18.

More than 100 turned out for the public safety meeting Tuesday night.

Residents expressed concerns about increased vandalisms and break-ins and the unsolved murder.

Neighbors believe many of the problems stem from a recently built affordable housing development.

“You’re welcome in this neighborhood, but I don’t think anyone who moved into this neighborhood should try to tear things down that it took hundreds of years for people to build up,” said one person who attended the meeting.

Police and managers of the River Haven subdivision say they’re looking into the claims.