(CBS) — Police say they are looking at two persons of interest in a murder that happened in Bedford Park almost exactly 12 years ago.

It was Aug. 3, 2002.  Jennifer Boyd, 27, was working at a Public Storage facility in the suburb.

She was found stabbed to death.

Her sister Rebecca Hernandez has been waiting for a breakthrough in the case.

“There still remains a $25,000 reward, and I know there are people out there that know something about the case, that know who did this to Jenny. And shame on them for being quiet,” she says.

Bedford Park police say they are looking at two persons of interest who they believe were using Public Storage at the time of Jennifer Boyd’s murder.

This Sunday at 12:30 — on the anniversary of Boyd’s death — her family and friends will gather at the Public Storage facility for a memorial.
Bedford Park Police say anyone with information about the murder can call (708) 563-4508, or visit the police website at bedfordparkpd.com.