By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Looking over the description of Kelvyn Park, it seems to have the typical amenities that you would find from a Chicago Park District facility.

It has a field house, with a fitness center, auditorium, meeting rooms … and even a small kitchen.

Set out on its 8.5 acres in the 4400 block of Wrightwood in the Hermosa neighborhood, the park also has a couple of tennis courts, walking paths … baseball and soccer fields.

In Spanish, Hermosa means beautiful.

What the park doesn’t have, at least according to the view of the person who scrawled on this park sign at the tennis courts, is white people to play in the park.

White people so that the city will take care of the park.

(Credit: Google Earth)

(Credit: Google Earth)

The photo was posted on the Chicago Reddit board.

“With the direction of gentrification towards that area, they’ll get their wish soon,” one person wrote in the comments section.

The Hermosa neighborhood is largely Hispanic. According to recent statistics, crime ranks in about the middle of all of Chicago’s neighborhoods. To the east, Logan Square is about 50 percent white, according to Census statistics.