By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — While sitting at his cubicle, “Mason” (not his real name), raises his heavy, alcohol-soaked head and reaches for the nearest Red Bull and a handful of pain killers.

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Yes, Thursday night’s happy hour went a bit too long.

Friday is shaping up to be a painful, grueling affair.

It turns out “Mason” is not alone.

About 50 percent of workers say they have arrived at the office hung-over, according to a poll by a company called Blowfish, which, of course, markets hangover tablets. About 28 percent said they were late to work because of too much boozing the night before.

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However, “Mason” is tougher than many others here in Illinois.

About 17 percent admit they have called in sick because they were too hung over from the night before.

According to the data, they were likely drinking Samuel Adams beer or doing Lemdondrop shots. (Or, heaven help them, both.)

It’s a lot worse in Wisconsin (22 percent) and Michigan (27 percent).

Michigan is No. 1!

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The data is based on a study produced in October 2013, which surveyed 5,249 Americans over the age of 21.