(CBS) — Prosecutors say robbery was the motive behind a gruesome double murder, and they say the suspects only got away with $120.

Bethany Mckee, 20, is one of four accused of that brutal crime. Her trial began Monday.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports friends and relatives of the victims must listen to the grisly details how Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover were murdered.

“I never been through this before…I don’t know what to expect,” said Nicole Jones, Eric Glover’s mother. “My son is gone.”

Bethany McKee is one of four suspects accused of the crime. Prosecutors say McKee lured the men to this house in Joliet where they were allegedly strangled to death with plastic bags over their heads. McKee reportedly saw the attack and heard her friend say..”why are you doing this to me.”

The motive, according to prosecutors was robbery. The first witness, a Facebook friend, Jennifer Ortega testified that a week before the murders Mckee posted on her page: “I need to find some way to make money.” The murders netted $120.

Friends Eric Glover, 22, and Terrance O. Rankins, 22, were killed in Joliet Thursday by four acquaintances, police say. (Family handouts)

Friends Eric Glover, 22, and Terrance O. Rankins, 22, were killed in Joliet by four acquaintances, police say. (Family handouts)

McKee’s father left the court house declining comment, but he was one who alerted authorities to the murders after his daughter called him. On The 911 tape played in court, Bill McKee is heard saying…”She’s involved in a serious crime….her and whoever is there was trying to cut up the bodies.”

The defense say McKee never touched the bodies and there’s no evidence linking McKee to cause of death.

Alisa Massaro, 20, has already pleaded guilty to robbery and concealment of a homicidal death and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Joshua Milner, 26, and Adam Landerman, 21, have also been charged and both awaiting trial.