By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — We all have memories of our travels, road trips in college, business trips or family vacations.

Thousands of users on Reddit are using a mapping program to keep track of not only every state they have visited, but every county, too.

It’s kind of like a travel jig-saw puzzle.

The maps can be imported to Google Maps and some users use color codes to separate reasons for the trips.

Users share their maps on a forum and moderators keep track of various statistics.

Interestingly, Cook County is the most visited county of all the users.

Most of the top 10 are counties will high numbers of tourists.

The maps offer a nice visual history of where people have been, or perhaps where they need to go.

Folks who have an interest in starting a map can click here.

This user just drove across the country, making his map much more interesting.

And here is one based on the year the user last visited the county.

Year Visted