CHICAGO (CBS) — Many suburban communities suffered water damage overnight, due to flash flooding from the heavy downpour of Monday night’s storm.

CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports one of the hardest-hit areas was west suburban Bellwood, where floodwater surrounded many homes and inundated several streets. Many residents said it’s a chronic problem, and they’re tired of getting water in their basement every time it rains.

Drivers gingerly tried to navigate flooded streets in Bellwood. Some made it through safely, despite the fact that the water was almost above their tires.

Others did not, and had to be pulled out with the help of tow trucks. Danny Morales said the water quickly spoiled what had been a good night.

“In 45 minutes, boom, everything was flooded, man,” Morales said.

Many homes on the village’s northwest side were surrounded by water. In the worst hit areas, it made its way inside.

That was the case in Richard Hodges’ basement, where the telltale dirt of floodwater was all that was left behind Tuesday morning.

“Basically, when I came down here … it was about, I’d say about 4 inches,” he said. “You can actually see where the water come up to, and you can see all of the dirt and everything; I guess when the water went down the drain.”

Marilyn Husband stopped by her daughter’s house to help her clean up after 5 inches of water seeped into her basement.

“It’s crazy. The yard, the grass disappears. The street disappears. We have to go run and move the cars to another street,” she said.

As waterlogged furniture was hauled off the curb once again, Husband said the chronic nature of the flooding problem on Oak Street has left her feeling frustrated, anxious, and angry.

She said many homeowners are stuck in homes they couldn’t sell if they wanted to.

“It turns into a beach when it rains outside. Who’s going to buy? They need to plow this stuff down and turn it into a beach, and let these people go. It’s nerve-wracking,” she said.