(CBS) Before news broke that Bears tight end Martellus Bennett would be suspended indefinitely for his aggressor’s role in Monday’s ugly incident with rookie cornerback Kyle Fuller, NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin joined the Mully and Hanley Show on 670 The Score to discuss the situation.

While most around Chicago feel Bennett’s in the wrong for slamming Fuller to the ground after the play’s completion, Irvin took another route.

“It’s camp,” Irvin said. “That’s camp. That’s camp stuff. That’s what it is. You got guy out there, alpha males with testosterone running around … I was just out there at the beginning of camp — everybody loved everybody. It was all great. It was all great.

“It’s what a few days in good old-fashioned heat, hot pads and hitting will do. You put those three together … and all kinds of frustration comes out.

“I really do mean this. Those (fights) that come within the realm of ‘We’re competing and something jumps off,’ OK, we can work with that. It means we got each side trying not to give up any domain in practice. I’m OK with that.

“If it’s some mess coming from off the streets about, ‘He likes his girl or his girl likes him,’ then aww man, that’ll kill (your locker room). That’s crazy.”

Irvin wasn’t asked whether a suspension should be warranted, but his words surely didn’t make it seem like he saw that as necessary.

Listen to the full interview with Irvin below, as he also discusses the high-octane Bears offense and coach Marc Trestman, among other topics.

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