By Todd Feurer

CHICAGO (CBS) — If Reid Wiseman’s career as an astronaut and naval aviator doesn’t work out, he might want to think about taking up professional photography.

In more than two months on board the International Space Station, Wiseman has taken some amazing photos of Earth, including a couple dazzling nighttime views of Chicago.

Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit shine bright in one photo Wiseman took early Wednesday as the space station orbited over North America.

A similar photo two months ago also captures the brilliant white glow of sunrise from space while Chicago still rests in darkness.

Dozens of other photos on Wiseman’s Twitter feed include everything from cloudless views of the Egyptian desert and the Red Sea to lightning storms lighting up the night over Malaysia. He even posted a Vine showing the mesmirizing dance of lightning through the clouds over Houston during a thunderstorm in June.

He’s also experimented with an 800mm telephoto lens to get some very detailed views of Niagara Falls, glacial formations in Canada, fields in Italy, and the Coronado coast in California, among others.

He’s even challenged those of us back here on Earth to take our own photos of the International Space Station if we’re lucky enough to spot it in the night sky. If you manage to take a photo, you can share it with him on Twitter with the hashtag #SpotTheStation. His handle is @astro_reid.