According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Unemployment rate among people who have a professional degree is significantly lower than that of people who have a high school diploma or less than a complete high school education.” The importance of achieving an advanced degree couldn’t be more important than for those in the field of education. Tyler Blackwell is the executive director for the Center for Arabic Language & Culture, and has been in the field of education since completing his undergraduate degree in 2006.

(Photo Courtesy of Tyler Blackwell)

(Photo Courtesy of Tyler Blackwell)

Blackwell previously held a position as a foreign affairs officer at the U.S. Department of State, and worked in international education at the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Prior to attending graduate school, Blackwell taught history at the junior high school level, and can offer some insight for those looking to go into this field.

What inspired you to enter education?

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have had grandparents and a father who believed in social responsibility, and had a great passion for lifelong learning. Growing up in an environment that encouraged and praised learning and giving back to my world, I am naturally drawn to education and mentoring.”

What goal inspires you now?

“It is my hope and belief that with each year, K-12 Arabic programs across the country will grow and become stronger, resulting in a more knowledgeable group of U.S. diplomats, business people, entrepreneurs, teachers and civil servants. Through the foundation of world language education and opportunities in travel, American students will be much better placed as the working class of tomorrow to understand other cultures, be empathetic, communicate in world languages and to continue U.S. economic development.”

What advice can you give others going into Education?

“Set short and long-term goals, have a general plan for your career and develop meaningful relationships with teachers and colleagues. We have to push our limits and go beyond our comfort zone, if we are to truly learn and educate others. What I learned in the classrooms was essential for succeeding in the next steps of my life.”

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