(CBS) — Starting Wednesday, justices of both the State Supreme and Appellate Courts will begin visiting law school orientations throughout the area to stress the need for professionalism and civility in the courtroom, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Lawyers on television shows and in movies can often be abrasive, inconsiderate and unscrupulous and those are sometimes the good guys. Jayne Reardon, the director of the Illinois Supreme Court’s commission on professionalism, says the justices want to talk to incoming law students to say they should not be like them.

“We are attempting to stem that tide and promote professionalism and a return to putting the interests of our clients which is seldom served by overly-aggressive tactics front and center in the lawyers’ minds,” Reardon said.

Justices Shelvin Louise Marie Hall and Maureen Connors will speak at John Marshall Law School this week and Justice Thomas Kilbride will be at DePaul next week.