SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) –Campaign 2014 moved to the Illinois State Fair in Springfield Wednesday where Governor Pat Quinn and his fellow Democratic candidates “took off the gloves” in their battle against the GOP ticket headed by Bruce Rauner.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports things went a lot better for Quinn than in the past with the governor apparently smoothing over differences with organized labor that led to an embarrassing situation: his being booed by Democrats two years ago. There weren’t any boos on Wednesday.

“I think everybody knows we’ve had our differences with Pat Quinn. That’s past tense,” said Mike Carrigan of theWe’ve done pluses and minuses on Pat Quinn and versus the plusses and minuses on his opponent…Pat Quinn is our guy.”

“We cannot be in the business of profit seeking at the expense of the individual and that is the Rauner model,” said Vallas, Quinn’s running mate.

Jesse White pointed to marchers in the Bud Billikin Parade wearing Rauner shirts and accused him of trying to buy votes.

“They’re not wearing them because they believe in his philosophy,” said White. “They’re being encouraged to support him because he has a large war chest.”

Money was a major theme on the Democrats’ day which included a special guest appearance by a fictional member of billionaires for Bruce.

“My name is Baron Von Moneybags,” he said. “I thought this was Republican day? Damn this $18 watch.”

While Rauner won’t be here until Thursday, his surrogates were here Wednesday.

“People are more interested in their pocket book than in Bruce Rauner’s pocketbook they want to know which one of these two guys can help make it easier for me to provide for my family,” said State Senator Matt Murphy, (R-Palatine).

As for the vote buying charge, a spokesman for Rauner responded, “Bruce and Diana have invested time and resources into improving opportunities for people on the South and West sides of Chicago for many years. That commitment didn’t change when Bruce became a candidate and it won’t change when he’s governor either.”

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