by Wendy Widom

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago is enjoying a much-welcomed infusion of hometown pride after Jackie Robinson West’s decisive 12-2 win over Lynwood Pacific in the 2014 Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. Today, fans from near and far are counting down the minutes until the All-Stars take the field at 1 p.m. CST for their second game, this time against Mountain Ridge from Las Vegas.

Here is a recap the team’s first win through the eyes – and tweets – of veteran CBS 2 anchor and reporter Jim Williams and his colleagues. According to Jim, who has been in Williamsport since Wednesday, “Jackie Robinson West is more than the pride of Chicago. The baseball team is the sensation of the 2014 Little League World Series.”

1. Jim Williams and CBS 2 photographer Scott Placko about to board the plane to watch Jackie Robinson West in the Little League World Series.

2. Colleague Jay Levine can’t help but be a little jealous of Jim’s exciting assignment.

3. A tranquil field, ready to fulfill young players’ dreams.

4. The night before the big game, Jim notes how Chicago is already celebrating its hometown team, Jackie Robinson West. (ESPN airs this tweet during the game.)

5. In Chicago, vendors can hardly keep up with the demand for Jackie Robinson West T-Shirts.

6. JRW dominates early in the game against Lynwood Pacific. Outfielder Pierce Jones had three homers and four RBIs.

7. Proud Grandpa looks on. Jim reports that this All-Star team has deep roots within the Chicago community.

8. It’s not only Chicago who loves JRW!

9. The Cubs and White Sox play second fiddle to Jackie Robinson West.

10. Jim Williams spending time JRW after their win.

11. Even the LA Dodgers can’t get enough of Jackie Robinson West.

12. The crowd gathers today in anticipation. Says Jim Williams, “The Jackie Robinson West story is NOT about “inner city kids overcoming long odds.” That’s a tired South Side cliche. These boys come from strong communities and loving families, and play in a league with a long history of excellence on and off the field. They expected to be here in Williamsport.”