(CBS) The the final season of a four-year deal with the White Sox, 34-year-old designated hitter Adam Dunn is mulling retirement, according to MLB.com’s Scott Merkin.

“I would say there’s probably a really good chance actually,” Dunn told Merkin of his retirement chances. “But again, I’m not making any decisions or anything yet. It’s going to definitely be a different offseason. I’m not going to play just to play. I’m not going to play just to hit 500 home runs. I’m not going to do this or do that. We’ll see.”

Having struggled the past few years, this isn’t the first time Dunn has considered retiring, but it may be his most serious thought yet. Dunn’s hitting .229 with 19 homers and 49 RBIs and an .800 OPS this season. That’s actually his highest batting average and tied for his highest OPS in his four years in Chicago, so of lately, there hasn’t really been a drop-off.

But there’s a lot to it, Dunn said, including what’s best for his family. So he’ll take a long look at his future this offseason, when he’ll be a free agent.

“I’m going to do it early (in the offseason),” Dunn said. “I’ll sit down and think about it. I’ve never done it before. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to sit down and think about it, but I’ve got a couple of months left to figure it out and see what happens.

“Again, I want to make my decision based on me and not on that (contractual interest). If there is interest and I don’t want to play, I’m not playing. If there’s not and I do want to play, that’s going to be the problem.”