(CBS) Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel made headlines Monday night when he flipped the bird to the Redskins sideline following a third-quarter play. What Manziel called a “lapse of judgment” was certainly a poor look for a lightning rod of criticism who is trying to win a job, but it’s certainly not the first time in NFL history that someone has shared the middle finger in frustration.

Here’s a look at five other notable bird flips in pro football history.

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Mike Ditka 

Certainly, this is the most famous middle finger saga around these parts. As he walked off the field on a gameday while he was the Bears coach, rocking aviators, Ditka nonchalantly flashed his middle finger at a cameraman, who was ready for the shot.

It produced one of the iconic still images of the Ditka era, which you can see by clicking here.

Bud Adams 

Owner of the Tennessee Titans, Adams was in no way discreet with with middle finger salute toward the Bills after a win in 2009. Adams flashed his middle finger on his right hand, his left hand and back to his right hand before finally going with the dual-action bird flip. For his antics, Adams received a $250,000 fine, one of the biggest in league history and, as far as we know, the most money anyone’s had to pony up for the middle finger.

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Michael Vick

In November 2006, Falcons quarterback Vick wasn’t have the best of days in a loss to the Saints. In anger, he he flashed the obscene gesture at the home fans in Atlanta as he left the field. It made his lighter $10,000 lighter, and he said of the incident, “I can’t really say whether it’s fair or not. But the league makes the rules and I broke the rules.”

Chris Gardocki

During a 2000 game, Browns punter Gardocki gave some swagger to those at his overlooked position by flipping off then-Steelers coach Bill Cowher. Gardocki was apparently mad that Pittsburgh linebacker Joey Porter had delivered a tough block on him. The gesture was caught on camera and cost him $5,000 from the NFL.

Joe Nedney

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Continuing with the special teams theme, then-49ers kicker Joe Nedney in 2007 booted a kickoff out of bounds. After being razzed by a fan or two, Nedney reportedly gave an under-the-radar middle finger to the perpetrator while looking the other way. Word on his actions still got out, and he was fined.