(CBS) — An Arlington Heights financial planning firm is celebrating its 25th anniversary by giving its clients $100 apiece – to “pay it forward.”

“Investing in Kindness” is what Mike Rohrwasser calls his plan to celebrate 25 years after starting Vantage Financial Partners.

To each of his approximately 400 clients, he has sent a $100 bill.

“We ask them to take that $100 and pay it forward to whatever they want to do.”

Rorhwasser sent out the $100 bills about two weeks ago.

“And we started getting replies almost immediately. It’s just been amazing, quite frankly.”

He says his clients have given the $100 to veterans, children in need, missionaries in Africa.

So far he says he’s heard from about 10 percent of his clients.

The $40,000 he sent out is an expense, Rohrwasser says. Money spent instead of an anniversary party.

He says he didn’t do it with publicity in mind. He says he doesn’t need it. What he wants, he says, is for other CEOs to do something like it.

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