By John Dodge

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — The long-anticipated unveiling of Apple’s first smart watch may be coming sooner than initially thought.

Several reports indicated the watch will be released on September 9, along with the company’s next-generation phone.

What will the watch look like? Apple isn’t saying.

According to reports from Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, the new watch will come in different sizes, with the biggest reportedly being a 2.5 inch diagonal screen.

According to Mac Rumors, the device will run a full version of Apple’s mobile operating system and is expected to include multiple sensors, mostly focused on fitness.

Apple has reportedly been developing the watch for nearly two years, and the earliest expected release date was in October. Some reports said Apple would delay the device until next year.

Now all of that has been moved up to coincide with a special event that will also unveil the successor to the iPhone 5s.

Apple was granted a patent for a “wrist-worn electronic device” in July of this year.

According to the patent, versions of the watch can either be connected with a cable to other devices or communicate wirelessly. The patent refers to the device as iTime.

“An incoming phone call, a text message, a social network post, or a news feed directed to a user’s electronic device (e.g., mobile phone) can cause a notification to be provided to a nearby electronic wristband of the user,” according to the patent language. “In effect, incoming messages or data to a user’s electronic device can be pushed (e.g., wirelessly transferred) to the electronic wristband.

As for the new iPhone, it will reportedly come in two sizes, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. The device may also have an improved camera and will run on Apple’s newest mobile operating system.