By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Lost in the hubbub over the merger between Burger King and Tim Horton’s is the latest food innovation from the Canadian coffee and donut juggernaut.

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While it’s only available right now at the New York State Fair, Tim Horton’s has mated the donut with spicy Buffalo chicken wing sauce.

The Buffalo Crunch donut is a large, daisy-shaped yeast donut dipped in spicy Buffalo sauce, with a tortilla crunch topping and more butt-kicking sauce in the center.

It comes is mild and spicy varieties and sells for $2.

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Michelle Breidenbach, wrote a brief review for, and rated the mashup a 5 out of 5.

Many are upset with the deal because a new Canadian parent company would own both brands, thus removing taxable profits from the Burger King business from the grips of the U.S. Treasury.

News of the deal led some to playfully speculate that the combined company would soon develop a donut burger.

But what about a donut buffalo chicken sandwich?

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Chicago has become a hotbed of delicious and nationally lauded donuts, from Glazed and Infused to Doughnut Vault and Do-Rite. A check of their menus did not reveal any creations quite as “savory” as the Buffalo Crunch.