(CBS) — A River North nightclub where racist graffiti recently appeared was the scene of a candlelight protest Wednesday night.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports there seems to be an increasingly ugly feud involving race, some River North residents, the city of Chicago and the owners of this night spot.

The Nouveau Tavern is according to the owners the only black owned nightclub in River North. It was hit by racist graffiti last week which used the N-word and the phrase “go home.”

“It seems like they don’t want us to be here…because we are African-American,” said Teddy Gilmore.

Club supporters marched outside the sidewalks in a candle light protest. The goal was to promote more racial diversity in the neighborhood and to fight hate.

But some residents of an upscale condo complex just down the block would like to see the Nouveau Tavern go away. They say it is not for racial reasons but for what happens on the street late at night.

“You’ve got multiple people that want to start fights or maybe they had a good time and their loud,” said resident Pamela Brennan. “

“There is a lot of fighting and other things going on….This alley right over here, a lot of urination,” said resident Sherwood Tucker. Teddy Gilmore/ Club Executive.

“River North doesn’t just belong to one group of people. It belongs to everyone, the entire city. This is equivalent to people moving across from Grant Park and complaining that there is a festival over there,” said Gilmore.

The club’s owners are suing the city and Alderman Brendan Reilly claiming they are the victims of illegal harassment by city liquor inspectors.