By Dorothy Tucker

CHICAGO (CBS) –After the big rally in Millennium Park, the Jackie Robinson West players headed back to their home park for a private party featuring pizza and bouncy houses.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports there were no fans and no fanfare when the champions got off the trolley on the return to Jackie Robinson Park.

They were finally just boys doing what 11, 12, 13-year-olds do at a pizza party. Of course this too was in honor of their national win, but it marked the end of a fabulous World Series run and a return to reality.

“It’s gonna be hard coming from all of this, fans and all that to getting ready for school,” said player Darion Radcliffe. “I’m gonna have a lot of fans at the school but I’m going to try not to let them distract me from schoolwork.”

I think I feel good. All these people know you and you get a lot of attention so I don’t know about the reality,” said player Trey Hondras.

Reality is junior high, homework, friends and family. Some are eager to reconnect.

Player Ed Howard says he missed home cooked meals, playing with his friends and sleeping in his own bed.

Parents who traveled with the team cheering every game also admit they missed the comforts of home and are ready to resume routine.

“Back to school, homework, chores, no telephone after 10,” said parent Prentiss Luster. “It has been exciting but it’s time to get some rest.”

Part of the routine includes going back to baseball practice as the players will head back to the field in two or three weeks.

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