(CBS) — Property taxes are due in Kane County Tuesday, and while it’s an unpleasant day for some, there are also a few laughs.

Kane County Treasurer David Rickert says in the past taxpayers have showed up with fake bills to pay their taxes, just for fun, such as a $3 bill with Bill Clinton’s picture, $200 bills with pictures of President Bush, Sr. and Jr., on them, a $0 bill with President Obama’s photo and a $1 million bill with the Statue of Liberty on it.

Some property taxpayers also put in humorous notes with their payments.

Rickert says a sense of humor is helpful on a day when 2,000 taxpayers show up at his office to beat the deadline.

“We will have five teller stations opened up in the office, which is the maximum we can have because that is all the room we can is for five stations,” Rickert said.

He says most will be in and-out within ten minutes and while some have problems or complaints, those who try to have fun with the process are more memorable.

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