According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of insurance sales agents is projected to grow 10 percent from 2012 to 2022. An aging population and changes in federal regulations may increase demand for agents who sell health and long-term care insurance.” While many people may not think of sales as being a career path with longevity and job security, insurance sales is a slightly different field that offers huge benefits and room to grow.

Meghan Orr Mulvihill, Corporate Counsel for Allstate Insurance Company, is a great example of how furthered education can help to open up career opportunities in insurance. Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor, Mulvihill combines her educational background with work experience to achieve overall success in her field.

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When asked about her thoughts on employment opportunities in insurance, and more specifically at Allstate, Mulvihill stated, “Allstate is a microcosm of the Help Wanted section of the newspaper. There are so many different areas from very insurance-centric to corporate. There are opportunities for people in a wide variety of places in their careers and Allstate is committed to a diverse workplace.”

The difficulties in the economy have caused many people to not only consider going back to school to increase job opportunities, but also to reconsider what career paths might be open to them. For those with the ever-popular business degree, working in the field of insurance can be a great career option that can sometimes be overlooked.

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Mulvihill stated, “The economic downturn has added older workers and more women to the available workforce, and it seems as though the field is taking advantage of this increased availability of diverse workers. In addition, because organizations seem to have an increased appreciation for diversity of thought, more education/training is available to provide women with visibility into career advancement, including leadership.”

Because of the potential for growth within the field, and the diversity of the many career options available – Chicago professionals looking for a new or different career opportunity might want to consider looking into the insurance arena.

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