By John Dodge

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — On any given summer day, the lake front path is filled with people clad in high-tech workout apparel designed to make them more comfortable.

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Every major sportswear company has a version of “moisture wicking” technology, but now comes a new fabric that makes a bold claim:

Performance apparel that actually makes you cooler.

A company called IAMMAI says its workout clothes are designed to keep you up to 30 percent cooler than standard performance clothing.

The company founder, Andrew Gallery, says the fabric was scientifically tested at a leading lab in Germany to support his claims.

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The fabric is designed to circulate air through the gaps in the damp fibers to create the cooling effect. While Gallery says his shirt is the world’s first self-cooling shirt, other companies have also made that claim.

The shirts also come with a variety of inspirational phrases–like “Believe”, “No excuses just results,” and “Now or never”–printed on the front.

However, in a twist, the letters are printed backwards, so they are viewable in a gym mirror.

Gallery’s Kickstarter crowd-funding page says his gear will not only keep you cooler and drier, but its cooling effect won’t wear off over time, like some other chemically treated clothing. And, he says, it won’t start to stink after several uses.

People who support his Kickstarter campaign can get a shirt with a $46 contribution.

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There are many other funding levels, including one for $8,650 that would get you and your friends outfitted in IAMMAI clothing, with your personal picture and story on the shirts, along with a trip to Los Angeles and two free sessions with celebrity personal trainers.