By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) –What would you do if you were on a flight and a passenger either reclined their seat into your knees or tried to prevent you from reclining your seat?

Lately, leg room frustration has resulted in several cases of “air rage”

A Delta Airlines departing from New York City was headed to West Palm Beach when it was diverted to Jacksonville, Florida on Monday, all because a passenger freaked out when the woman in front of her put her seat back.

It’s the third reclining chair flight fight and diversion in less than two weeks.

“It reminds me of the same type of issue we see with children,” said Dr. Michael Hakimi, a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Loyola University.

“Whenever two people feel their rights are being they go sometimes to the snapping mode,” said Dr. Hakimi

Potentially adding to flyers’ frustration is a gadget called a knee defender, which prevents the person in front from reclining.

“I don’t think that it’s fair. I think you bought your seat, you should get your seat and it should recline if it reclines,” said travel agency owner Kathy Seiwert.

As for flyers – many don’t like the now commonly cramped cabins.

The Federal Aviation Administration has not taken a position on the knee defender – leaving that up to individual airlines. Some airlines have banned it, but not all of them.

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