(CBS) — There was a litany of things for reporters to ask Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy today after he made a speech downtown – but he made a dash out of the room instead.

Questions about the FBI reportedly looking into shootings by Chicago Police. Questions about Police Commander Glenn Evans, who is accused of aggravated battery. These were on the minds of reporters.

Mayor Emanuel answered some – and then referred reporters to his police superintendent, Garry McCarthy.

“Here’s what I recommend: He’s speaking at the City Club. You can go and ask him.”

Later, at the City Club, McCarthy spoke for more than 45 minutes on what he’s done since coming to Chicago. Then shook some hands.

But when reporters tried to ask him some questions – as recommended by the mayor – following McCarthy awkwardly around the crowded room, the normally loquacious police superintendent balked – saying,

“Will you look at what you’re doing? There’s people here who I’m trying to talk to.”

Then he left.

“Every city that has some questionable shootings, police shootings, should be willing to discuss them at the highest level,” political analyst Delmarie Cobb told CBS 2’s Chris Martinez.

The numbers tell the story behind the fed’s interest. So far in 2014, Chicago officers have shot 24 suspects, killing 10 of them. In 2013, officers shot 43 suspects, killing 13.

A Chicago Police spokesman said in a statement that read in part, “We take these issues seriously. We cooperate with the external investigation into each incident, and every single officer-involved shooting is also reviewed internally to learn how similar incidents could be best handled in the future.”

The spokesman says the number of officer involved shootings is down from 60 in 2011 to 43 last year and that since 2011 they have instituted new training to foster better relations between officers and the community.

Dean Angelo, President FOP Lodge 7, Chicago, said in a statement, “We are not aware of any investigation at this time.”