CHICAGO (CBS) — Two people were injured Wednesday morning, when their car crashed and flipped over as they were fleeing police officers who fired shots when the suspects allegedly tried to run them over.

Police a 911 call came in around 10:30 a.m. regarding a suspicious vehicle in an alley near 79th Street and Saginaw Avenue around 10:30 a.m.

Fraternal Order of Police spokesman Pat Camden said a uniformed police officer was in her squad car nearby at 79th and Exchange Avenue, when she spotted a red Ford Mustang matching the description from the 911 call.

“Gets out of her car with weapon in hand, orders the occupants in the vehicle to get out. Instead of getting out, they throw the car in reverse, and they’re heading right at her. She fires a couple of shots at the car, hitting the car at that point, we believe,” Camden said.

According to Camden, there was a train coming at the time, and the officer had nowhere to go when the suspects tried to run her over, so she shot at them to protect herself. After she shot at the suspects, they fled west on 79th Street, Camden said.

“There’s another squad car that starts chasing the red Mustang. At about 79th and Constance, the offenders hit another vehicle, lose control of their vehicle, the Mustang flips over, both offenders in the car are injured,” Camden said.

A police spokesperson said the suspects were taken to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. Neither was struck by the officer’s gunfire.

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