(CBS) Last week, we introduced you to a goofy glitch on the just-released Madden ’15 video game that produced some laughs. Be careful, because there can be flying linemen 25 feet in the virtual air.

That glitch was simply an appetizer, though, to another one that’s been revealed in the past 24 hours or so.

In a video posted on YouTube, Madden ’15 mistakenly lists rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey as 1-foot-2 — and that’s how he appears on the game (he for some odd reason plays for the Titans in Madden, though he’s actually with the Browns in real life — minor details, right?). Yes, a 1-foot-2 linebacker who is humorously still listed at 235 pounds and who you can barely see upon reaching the virtual line of scrimmage runs around and unsuspectingly slams into the opponent.

For what it’s worth, Kirksey is 6-foot-2 in real life. He also found the glitch funny.

Unlike the flying lineman, this glitch would seem to affect gameplay. It’s doesn’t seem fair to have essentially an invisible defender. But that’s OK, it’s worth a hearty laugh. Check out the video above.


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