(CBS) – If the airline passenger sitting next to you is unusually tranquil, perhaps he or she got some yoga practice in at Midway International Airport’s new dedicated studio.

A new yoga room has opened along Concourse C, the city’s Department of Aviation announced Monday. A “mother’s room” – for women to nurse their children in a more private setting – also opened, next door.

“On behalf of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, we are excited to offer these two new spaces for travelers passing through Midway,” Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie S. Andolino said in a statement. “The Yoga Room provides a space for yoga practice, relaxation and meditation. And the Mother’s Room will allow nursing mothers some privacy while traveling with infants. We believe these rooms will help elevate the travel experience at Midway.”

The yoga room, where travelers can practice their Downward Facing Dog, Warrior and other poses, features a sustainable bamboo floor, mirrors on one wall, exercise mats and area to place personal garments. A video monitor will display yoga techniques, with soothing audio sounds.

A public restroom is nearby for changing clothes.

There is already a yoga room at Chicago’s larger O’Hare International Airport.