According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are many employment opportunities for criminal justice and law enforcement teachers at junior college through the university level institutions, as well as at technical, trade and business schools. While many may think of an education in criminal justice being solely intended for a career as a police officer, that is not necessarily the case.

(Photo Courtesy of Andrew Fox)

(Photo Courtesy of Andrew Fox)

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Andrew Fox, Chief Administrative Law Judge (ALS) for the Illinois Department of Employment Security, uses his expertise in criminal justice as professor for the Criminal Justice Program at Roosevelt University and Kaplan University. Fox offers some great advice on how education can help to open up opportunities in the field of criminal justice.

How does your formal education relate to your current role?

“My education gave me strength in writing and issue analysis to tackle any job and task. My volunteer work with Jesuit International gave me the desire to seek service work and a public service career. This allowed me to combine my desire to serve the community with work as teacher, prosecutor, Illinois Prisoner Review Board member, Administrative Law Judge and adjunct professor.”

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How does teaching relate to the criminal justice field?

“Teaching has enabled me to leverage my experiences as a teacher, volunteer and public servant to teach the next generation where they may best focus their efforts in school. Working in administrative law, while technical and narrowly focused, also lets me serve the community and use my academic interests in the law. Diversification of the legal profession has been a lifelong project for me and I’ve stayed focused on ways to create future leaders through my efforts locally and at the university.”

What advice can you offer others looking to go into criminal justice?

“My advice is to do well academically and find areas that can bring together your passion for an issue and your selfless attainment of furthering that goal. There are many amazing opportunities in local, city, county, state and federal positions. While in school, use the academics to get resources and build your network.”

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