(CBS) Oh, they really love their baseball in Houston, even if it’s in a roundabout way.

In a promotion based on the expectation that the Astros would be horrible again this season, Gallery Furniture in Houston ran a campaign in the spring that promised the first 500 customers who would spend at least $6,300 at the store they they’d get a full refund if the Astros won at least 63 games. (See what they did there?)

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Originally, the promotion did its trick, as more than $4 million of furniture was spent on this promise.

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The aftermath, though? It’s ugly for Gallery Furniture, because on Sunday, the Astros recorded their 63rd win of the year, with three weeks left to boot. And the furniture store will make good on its word, with its apparent founder tweeting that more than $4 million will be refunded.

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The good old @MattressMack seemed to be happy, despite the financial setback. After all, they say any publicity is good publicity.