CHICAGO (CBS) — A 36-year-old man who was charged with urinating into a woman’s car over the weekend was speaking out Wednesday

Martin Conneely told WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya it happened hours after he and a friends watched the Bears game in the South Loop.

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“I was on the balcony. I saw a door open. I saw someone underneath the steering wheel and the dashboard. Old school, growing up in Chicago, I thought they were trying to hotwire the car,” he said.

The Norridge real estate agent said he quickly dismissed his first two thoughts: calling the police, and going downstairs to stop the supposed car theft himself.

“I wasn’t going to call the cops, because it was going to take too much time. I wasn’t going to go down there, and start fighting him, because then I might get arrested,” he said.

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So he came up with Plan P.

“My decision was … I just started urinating all over him. That would cause a scene to where if somebody was trying to steal the car, he needs to be deterred,” he said. “My conclusion was I’m just going to urinate on him, and it’s going to … draw attention, which it did.”

The problem was, the person he had spotted was the owner of the car, not a thief.

Still, Conneely admits he was not apologetic, even when he found that out.

The owner told police she wouldn’t press charges if Conneely would promise to clean up what he’d done, but he declined. Police said, when he refused to clean up the mess, Conneely was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property.

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Now, Conneely plans to apologize to the owner in person.