(CBS) —For the first time ever, some Chicago Public School kindergarteners are learning how to write computer code.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports that in a second floor classroom on the city’s South Side, the lesson is one you might not expect. Both online and off, the kindergarteners at Ariel Academy are learning computer code.

And if you don’t know what an algorithm is, Autumn can tell you. She’s five.

“It means to take steps and to finish a task,” she said.

Ariel Academy is one of 24 elementary schools where computer coding is now a standard study, and they’re just the first.

“Within five years, we’re looking to add it as a graduation requirement,” said Brenda Wilkerson with CPS.

The reason why is clear enough as projections show major boosts in computer related jobs over the coming decade. Software developing and cyber security are among the fastest growing.

It is already changing the view of technology at the school from pastime to a possible career.

“I think I’ll be a programmer,” said Autumn.

And to think it’s only the second week of school.

“I guess we’ll kind of see where it goes,” said kindergarten teacher Jenna Smith.

This year 22 C-P-S high schools are now also teaching coding. The plan is to have this course of study as part of the core curriculum in every high school within the next three years.