(CBS) Pacers forward Paul George is rehabbing from a gruesome broken right leg, and he clearly had too much time to kill Thursday morning.

In a string of ill-advised tweets that he has since deleted from his account @Yg_Trece and apologized for, George defended former Ravens running back Ray Rice for his domestic abuse of then-fiance/now-wife Janay Rice in an Atlantic City casino elevator in February. After video surfaced of Rice knocking Janay unconscious with a left hook, the Ravens released him and the NFL indefinitely suspended him.

George, though, took Rice’s side, tweeting “I don’t condone hitting women … BUT if SHE ain’t trippin then I ain’t trip pin .. Lets keep it movin lol let that man play!”

He also tweeted, “If you in a relationship and a woman hit you first and attacking YOU.. Then you obviously ain’t beatin HER. Homie made A bad choice! #StayUp”



George deleted those tweets later Thursday morning, then apologized.