(CBS) Each week during the NFL season, the crew of the Spiegel and Mannelly Show is taking part in a confidence pool contest that they’ve termed the Furious Five. It’s simple. They pick the winner of the Bears game and four other big games, assigning each those five games with a value between one and five based on how sure they are of any given prediction, with five showing the most confidence.

Then we add up the points of the games they correctly called because, as always, we love keeping score.

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The weekly winner chooses the artist of the week to be featured on the show the following week.

In Week 1, co-host Matt Spiegel and producer Jay Zawaski each led the way with 10 points, but it was Spiegel who got to feature Spoon all week on the airwaves after he won the tiebreaker. Here’s a look at the standings.

Matt Spiegel: 10
Jay Zawaski: 10
Nick Shepkowski: 8
Patrick Mannelly:  7
Adam Harris: 4

And now here’s a look at the Week 2 picks…

Mannelly, co-host
Patriots over Vikings (5)
Eagles over Colts (4)
Panthers over Lions (3)
Steelers over Ravens (2)
Bears over 49ers (1)

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Spiegel, co-host
49ers over Bears (5)
Patriots over Vikings (4)
Steelers over Ravens (3)
Colts over Eagles (2)
Lions over Panthers (1)

Zawaski, producer
49ers over Bears (5)
Steelers over Ravens (4)
Lions over Panthers (3)
Patriots over Vikings (2)
Colts over Eagles (1)

Shepkowski, producer
49ers over Bears (5)
Steelers over Ravens (4)
Patriots over Vikings (3)
Lions over Panthers (2)
Eagles over Colts (1)

Harris, producer
Colts over Eagles (5)
Steelers over Ravens (4)
49ers over Bears (3)
Panthers over Lions (2)
Vikings over Patriots (1)

The tiebreaker each week is the total points in the Bears game. Here’s the guys’ rundown this week.

Mannelly: 44
Spiegel: 45
Zawaski: 48
Shepkowski: 47
Harris: 46

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Until then, enjoy some of Spiegel’s beloved Spoon.