According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Top executives are the highest level of management at an organization and often work closely with other executives and managers. Employment of top executives is projected to grow 11 percent from 2012 to 2022.” Those looking to enter the field of business should keep an open mind to the possibilities of entrepreneurship, especially if it is something that caters to a growing need in the market.

(Photo Courtesy of Eddie Lou)

(Photo Courtesy of Eddie Lou)

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Eddie Lou, Co-Founder and CEO of Shiftgig and co-founder of One Goal, is a great example of how obtaining a Master’s of Business Administration degree can help when starting your own company. Using his educational background to achieve a successful career and help thousands of job-seekers and college-bound high school students, Lou offers some great advice for others thinking of entrepreneurship.

How does your education relate to your current role?

“I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and then went on to achieve my M.B.A.. It takes creative thinking to solve difficult real-world problems on a small-scale, but an M.B.A. is useful to learn how to scale that solution to impact millions of people. Shiftgig is an example of this scale as we provide connections and job opportunities to the service industry community across the country.”

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What inspired you to enter this field?

“Entrepreneurship is about taking an idea, and making it a company that addresses real-world problems with innovative solutions. On a personal level, entrepreneurship is a great journey that has forced me to learn how to listen to customers and how to manage and build a team.  On a societal level, it feels good to build an innovative company that helps thousands of people earn more money or a great education.”

What advice can you offer others looking to go into business, in regards to obtaining their education?

“I am a firm believer that most people should get a college degree. This is why I co-founded One Goal, which helps high school students get in and graduate from college. On a personal level, business school was critical for me in that it gave me an analytical approach to solving problems in business.”

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