CHICAGO (CBS) — Have you ever gotten bored by the look of your average deck of playing cards?

It seems likely Alexander Chin has.

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It’s something you don’t tend to think about — cards are cards — but there’s clearly a demand for Alexander Chin’s unique set of hand designed cards. His Kickstarter proves that.

A website for anyone looking to obtain some funding for their project, Kickstarter users set a goal and upload a video explaining what it is they’re going to make.

If people who come across the Kickstarter are impressed by the video or product, they can then donate money to the cause. Oftentimes, Kickstarters have rewards for donations, depending on how much you donate.

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In the case of Chin, donations for his Kickstarter featuring his playing cards, a different deck for each season, have surpassed the $35,000 goal and are now at $58,659.

“I want to change the way that you look at playing cards,” Chin says at the beginning of his Kickstarter video.

Instead of relying on the same look we’ve become accustomed to, Chin has created four separate decks of playing cards to represent each season. In fact, he’s already successfully released the first two, and is seeking funding to release the second two, which he’s dubbed Verana and Inverno. According to Chin, the decks are supposed to represent growth and change.

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You can see his Kickstarter for the decks here.