(CBS) After setting an NFL record last night with his 20th return touchdown of his career, Falcons receiver/returner Devin Hester expressed unhappiness with the final years of his Bears tenure.

Until signing with Atlanta this past offseason, Hester had spent all eight seasons as a pro in Chicago, where he never truly found a role as a receiver, for varying reasons especially after the Bears traded for Jay Cutler in 2009.

“I’m gonna say it, man, I wasn’t happy the last three or four years in Chicago,” Hester said during a postgame interview on NFL Network. “Things weren’t going the way I expected. I would always have a great camp; have all the receivers saying and all the coaches saying I had the best camp out of all the receivers. And then, once the season starts off, I’m not there.”

Hester had a career-high 57 catches in 2009, but had 40, 26 and 23, respectively, in the next three seasons. He didn’t play any receiver in 2013 for Chicago.

In his interview, Hester also took an apparent shot at Cutler.

“I got a quarterback now that, man, he loves even the walk-ons,” Hester said.

The Bears chose not to sign Hester in large part because they needed to revamp their beleaguered defense of 2013. Hester signed a three-year deal worth up to $9 million with the Falcons.